Satellite TV for Your Family – Why You Should Use Pinoy1TV

Satellite TV for Your Family - Why You Should Use Pinoy1TV

The latest development in the world of satellite TV for the Philippines is Pinoy1TV. This service provider has set the bar high for the other satellite TV service providers in the country. Aside from that, they also have the added advantage of having a wider customer base and a bigger market reach than other service providers like DirecTV and Dish Network. You can visit 123 movies or soap2day to watch free movies.

Pinoy1TV is different from other satellite television operators in that it offers free-to-air (FTA) broadcasting of local channels to its digital TV subscribers. It is the only one of its kind in the Philippines and is set to expand its presence internationally. They were able to negotiate a deal with DreamNet to give them access to its library of channels. What is more amazing about this is that it also includes some mainstream channels that are not normally available through cable television like ABS-CBN. The expansion of their service will allow them to target more Filipino viewers and expand their market share overseas.

Pinoy1TV is just one of the dozen satellite TV service providers here in the Philippines. But since it is the only one offering FTA broadcast services to the whole Philippines, it is considered to be a revolutionary brand in the industry. It is unique because of its focus on Filipino culture and values. Aside from that, one of the reasons why people chose them as their first choice is because of its subscription rates which is not only cheap but also very accessible.

Pinoy1TV offers its subscribers various perks such as a wide variety of channels to choose from and affordable subscription fees. Their starting package for the service is 30 days, which allows subscribers to try the service for up to one whole month if they want to see for themselves the benefits of using the satellite TV service. Subscribers get to enjoy the benefits of the service without having to pay anything for it. They just have to pay an annual maintenance fee to the service provider so that they can keep enjoying the service. In exchange of this, the government also provides the cable television companies with subsidies.

This is just one of the reason why many local businesses have started to use Pinoy1TV. As their service provider, they get to promote their business even further since their service provider is also promoting the service to the entire country. With their affordable and quality service, people are sure to subscribe to their service provider.

When you subscribe with Pinoy1TV, you are not only being ensured of a good and quality service but you are also being assured of a lot of features. One of these features is an integrated digital video recorder (DVR). This feature allows the subscriber to record all their favorite shows and movies and watch them at any time they want to. This will surely give you a great time saving services because you won’t have to rush your daily schedule just to be able to catch your favorite shows. All you have to do is to pause the recording when you need to recharge your memory.

Aside from that, another feature that you can enjoy through subscribing to Pinoy1TV is high-definition programming. HDTV is considered the future of television. Not only does it provide clear pictures and excellent audio quality, but it also has sharper lines and resolution. This is what you need if you want to get the most out of your subscription. So better make sure that your satellite dish is up to date with the latest technology. For all these reasons and more, many local businesses have started to use Pinoy1TV as their satellite television service provider. But not all local businesses are satisfied with this. Some consumers complained about not being able to receive some satellite channels in their area. Others said that their reception and signal strength are not very strong. But when talking about the benefits that you will get once you use Pinoy1TV, it’s hard to ignore them.