The Leading Art Collectors in China

The Leading Art Collectors in China

Art has a soothing, therapeutic effect on peoples’ minds, and this has been proven by researchers in modern times. The Chinese might have known this centuries ago, which is why they lay so much emphasis on art, culture, and heritage. From sculptures and cave paintings to landscape drawings; Chinese artists have excelled in creating all these forms of art. Now the responsibility lies on the art collectors to preserve these.

People have come to realize the benefits associated with art. This, paired with the economic and political boom in the country, has led to an increase in art investments. Only in the last few decades, the number of millionaires investing in Chinese art has seen a sharp rise, leading to the net worth of most art collectors in China exceeding those in the United States.

So who are the leading art collectors in China?

Qiao Zhibing

Meet one of China’s leading art collectors- Qiao Zhibing. He was a sound engineer before he decided to open a nightclub in Hainan, following which he opened two more in Beijing and Shanghai. It was while decorating these nightclubs that Zhibing started curating pieces of art in 2015.

His collection boasts paintings by artists like Zhan Enli and Liu Wei Yang as well as international artists. Today, Zhibing is the owner of China’s most popular museums that have all the art pieces displayed for people to view.

Adrian Cheng

Known for being the leader of the New World Development and founder of the K11 Art Malls, Adrian Cheng became popular when he combined his retail services with contemporary art. The K11 Malls are dedicated to the artworks of contemporary artists, and there have been over 60 exhibitions since its launch.

Uli Sigg

Currently one of the most influential art collectors in the west, Uli Sigg has a collection of over 1520 pieces that include artworks of Chinese traditional and contemporary artists. His collection of artwork includes not just paintings but also photographs, installations, sculptures, and more.

John Dodelande

John Dodelande is most commonly known as the ambassador of Chinese contemporary art in the western part of the world where he has popularised them. His book (written by Adrian Cheng) ‘Chinese Art: The Impossible Collection’ consists of the works of many Chinese artists. With a special focus on contemporary art pieces from Mainland China, Dodelande organizes art exhibitions regularly in Georgia and China.

Wang Wei and Liu Yiquan

Wang Wei and Liu Yiquan are the owners of two prestigious art museums where one can find collections of traditional and modern calligraphy and many contemporary art pieces. These collections date back to the Song dynasty and are considered to be worth millions.

Budi Tek

Budi Tek is the owner of the largest collection of contemporary art pieces in China, which amounts to over 1500 pieces collected over a decade. He was already a billionaire while working in the food industry and eventually took an interest in collecting and displaying art. As the founder of the Yuz Foundation, Budi Tek has been funding Chinese artists and institutions for a long time.

Chinese art pieces are considered unique when compared to other countries mainly because they have held onto the traditional styles of painting. Art collectors like John Dodelande and others have worked hard to preserve this legacy. You can follow these art collectors on social media for updates on their work.