The Best LED Bulbs For Dark Living Rooms

The Best LED Bulbs For Dark Living Rooms

A dark room can ruin the atmosphere, they are depressing. Whereas, it has been proven that a well-lit room can have a positive effect on mental health, removing some of the doldrums a dark room can instill. Unfortunately, if your living room has minimal natural light you must rely on artificial light to bring it alive. So, you’ll need to know how to choose the best-LED bulbs for brightening a dark living room. The following are a few things you should consider.


If you have recessed bulbs in your ceiling, then the light may end up being directed down rather than out. By using a LED bulb that bulges out instead of in, the light will have the freedom to shine out not just down. If you have enclosed fixtures, you will need LEDs that are created with components that can stand higher temperatures. LED bulbs emit heat that will destroy the inner workings unless the heat is dissipated. If you have a dimmer switch you need to buy LED dimmable bulbs.

Brightness and light appearance

The brightness of LED bulbs is measured in lumens (lm) instead of watts (w) like incandescent bulbs were. If you are looking for a 100w bulb, the equivalent is a 1600lm LED bulb. The higher the lumens the greater the brightness. They are also rated by the light’s appearance – the LED bulb’s color temperature is measured in kelvins (K). Warm light is 2,700 to 3,000 K and a cooler, more natural daylight color temperature is 5,000 K. By choosing LED bulbs with higher lumens and kelvins the more you will light up your dark living room.


If the existing light fixtures still don’t illuminate your living room enough add some lamps or strip LED lights. Tall lamps with open ends allow the light to flow out the top and white ceilings reflect it down spreading the light further. Light-colored walls will also help reflect the light throughout the room, whereas dark colors will absorb the light. You can use lamps to help light up the whole room or they can be used to illuminate a specific spot.

Quality products

Choosing the right LED bulbs and buying quality products will save you money now and into the future. They use 90% less power than an iridescent bulb and can last around 20 years instead of only a few years. Get the right information about purchasing LED bulbs from a reputable dealer like RS. Their friendly team will answer all your questions and get you saving in no time. If your home is a smart home, then talk to them about Smart LED bulbs that connect to your mobile phone or home assist system.

Don’t keep putting up with a depressing, dark living room. Illuminate it with LED bulbs, improve your mental health by brightening up your life, and save money on your electricity bills. Contact the team at RS and get the right LED bulbs to light your dark living room.