Styling Tips For Women And Men – Wear Straw Hats This Summer

Styling Tips For Women And Men – Wear Straw Hats This Summer

One of the most versatile accessories in anyone’s wardrobe is the hat. Hats have been there as fashion pieces for centuries now. Whether traditional leather cowboy hats or the latest chambray trim hats – the headgears hold a special section in any fashion lover’s wardrobe. You must have the courage, smartness, and fashion sense to adorn a Fedora hat.

The intricate weaving and the natural, rustic look of the natural fiber are undoubtedly a ‘must have’ in every closet. You can throw in a plain summer dress with no character and then create a style statement by adding grass woven hat to make an ensemble. Flaunt your style and notice the heads turn when you enter the cruise for your summer holiday.

Get the right fit – not too big, not too small

Always get the correct fit hats – a loose or tight fit that will not sit comfortably on the crown and make the entire outfit look disastrous. The brim is not a part of the fit as it flows outside the main hat. There are different sizes available with the hat makers, and the standard size is between 52-57 inches of crown size. But if you are more comfortable in more enormous hats, ask for specially designed large crown hats. You can ask for rounded crown sizes that are larger than 58inches.

Check with the online hat makers if they offer hats beyond the standard range. Use a simple measuring tape to determine the circumference of your head. It is crucial to find a comfortable size as a tight hat will lead to sweat trapping and ruin the hairstyle. Loose caps will fall anything with no benefit of head accessory. You can check for the elastic band at the back of the oversized hats to give that extra room for breathing.

Styling tips for women:

  • Augment your styles quotient by styling the Fedora head accessories with Peplum-styled tops. The wide brim of fedora hats goes very well with the large peplum tops. When you want to accentuate the middle part of your body, then peplum tops are ideal. The boater-style hats compliment the flare of tops. You can try leaving your hair open or even create a casual look with loose braiding.
  • Midi dresses are the perfect summer choice outfit. The straw Fedora hat is the ideal accessory to enhance the look of any ordinary midi dress. You can also team up the cap with crop tops and midi skirts. The wide brim adds a subtle yet appealing look to the whole outfit. Try a loose bun that drops on your neck or piggy tail braids on both sides to leave a cute and relaxed feeling.
  • Stripey outfits are more preferred for formal wear. But why not experiment by teaming striped skirts or shorts with a wide floppy hat and spaghetti top. Hats are one of the bold accessories, and you must give them a try. The straw has this humble texture in earthen color, and therefore, it leaves a flattering appearance when worn with stripes.
  • Break the stereotype of always wearing belts and bracelets with denim. Fedora is the best friend of denim, and nothing can complement it more than any other style. The casual chic of denim looks perfect with the raunchy Fedoras. You can try anything, practically anything in denim – skirt, jeans, shirt, tops, and aprons with these classic headgears.

Styling tips for men:

  • Go casual with a poplin shirt and chinos on a hot summer day with fedora as your accessory. Do not overdo by wearing neckpieces; maybe just a wristwatch and comfortable shoes will do the magic.
  • You must always prefer neutral colors over multi-shades or dark tones. You do not want to clown by adding many colors in the hat. Look fabulous in adorning a hat, and stop being fidgety. You can wear cotton shorts with a decent polo t-shirt. Always check the shade of the t-shirt complimenting the shade of the hat.
  • Ramp your style by wearing tiny brim hats with semi-formal attire. You can wear a jacket over a plain shirt with loafers to complete the look. Jackets and the hat must complement each other. Just wear a nice watch to impress everyone at office parties.
  • Give a gentleman look and stun everyone by teaming short sleeve shirt (vertical stripes would do magic) with twill pants and plain loafers. Fedora hat looks exception with such outfits.
  • How about trying something exceptionally different from the regular? Beach shorts with cool print shirts and flip-flops to go – the straw hats will blow the whole attire on beach vacations.

It is crucial that whenever you are wearing an accessory, you look comfortable with it. Make it a part of your outfit. Avoid touching and fidgeting with your hat or scarves. Do not let other people feel you are trying to grab their attention by wearing something different. Your clothes should look like your second skin.