Oris Aquis: Going Deeper With These Innovative Watches

Oris Aquis: Going Deeper With These Innovative Watches

Are you in search of a brand that offers a watch that allows you to measure depth while being underwater? Or a timepiece that is self-regulatory and never runs out of power? If so, then you’re on the right track because Aquis has all of these just for you! Oris Aquis watches provide a variety of incredible pieces perfect for your underwater adventures.

Aquis Timepieces 

Oris Aquis offers a collection of diver’s timepieces that provide a high-performing quality of designs and optimal function. It is made up of well-built materials packaged through innovative measures. These Swiss-made watches deliver high quality and value.

Aquis Date

The Oris Aquarius Date’s durability lasts as long as the depth and space of the seas. This timepiece is produced by periods of thorough research and brainstormed ideas. It promises a lot of functions and quality of design all at once. It oozes with a charm consistent with different locations, be it in the boardroom, in the deeps of tropical jungles, and even in the deep blue sea. Lastly, it runs in an automatic and self-regulating movement. 


This masterpiece is part of the Oris Aquis collection and is immensely distinct due to its built to be secure both above and under the water. The combination of the Regulateur movement and the centralized minute display “Der Meistertaucher” make this timepiece the quintessence of safety. 

Regulateur won’t let you down with its water-resistant that is up to 300 meters or 30 bars deep. It is equipped with Superluminova inlay on the hands and indices. This feature guarantees that time is tracked and read even in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. It is made of stainless steel from top to bottom and has a diameter of 43.5mm. In addition, the bracelet of Regulateur is made from stainless steel, and its dial is in blue. It is further equipped with an automatic or self-regulative movement. It works by having the movements made by its wearer spin a rotor that keeps the power reserve charged, therefore keeping the piece working ideally. 

Aquis Depth Gauge

Push through the limits of what seems to be impossible in a diving watch with this timepiece. It goes beyond expectations through improved expertise and craftsmanship. Aquis Depth Gauge is the first-ever watch introduced to the world that allows water to enter it that accurately measures depth while underwater. It permits the entry of water without compromising itself. The purpose of this watch is not only for fashion use but also to inform you of how deep you have wandered. 

Oris Aquis Depth Gauge is undeniably distinct from others, and it is curated to keep things that way. This incredible work of art and innovation is found only in Oris. The unique gauge, which measures the depth of water, is constructed in the sapphire crystal that protects the other parts as water enters. 

Aquis Date Relief

Aquis Date Relief may not have the ability to read depth, but it aims to raise awareness about the importance of water.  

This timepiece takes pride in performance and has a sunburst dial that reminds us of the stormy seas. It also presents a bezel designed with a minute scale on its relief, which is new to Aquis. Like the Regulateur, this watch has a water resistance of 300 meters, perfect for scuba diving and swimming. This watch provided support to numerous successful swimmers and ambassadors for water protection like Ernst Trommels. He wore this particular timepiece on him “The Blue Miracle” campaign swim across Lake Baikal. 

Aquis Titanium Date

This Oris Aquis Titanium Date timepiece is made from tough materials that give rise to the rugged and durable characteristics of it. More so, it remains delicate and functions faultlessly, which is perfect for divers.  

The movement and bezel of it are being protected by a case made from titanium, hence its name. Titanium is more light but strong and is a lot stronger compared to stainless steel. This material is hypogenic and gives the watch a greying sheen that is pleasant above water level, and glimmers below sea level. This tough material gives the Oris Aquis Titanium its distinguishing prime appeal while having a dark and mysterious look.  

In A Nutshell 

Nowadays, it is indeed challenging to find a product that is guaranteed both quality and performance. Fortunately, Oris watches exist to provide such demands. High-quality design and performance can be expected of it by simply looking at the models of their collection. The Oris’ collection of watches is undeniably beautiful and true to its promises with the sleek and robust look it gives. Thus, Oris watches have made a good name and reputation in the watchmaking industry, making it an even more trustworthy brand to invest in.


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