How An SEO Company Can Be The Marketing Swiss Army Knife Of Tomorrow

How An SEO Company Can Be The Marketing Swiss Army Knife Of Tomorrow

An SEO company was once associated with a very narrow and limited field of view in the realm of digital marketing and advertising. This was due to the very laser focus approach that allowed the humble SEO company to thrive for as long as it did. In the formative years of digital marketing, there was less scope and scale as it does today, consistent and utter devotion was required to ensure that search engine optimization was performing – but little beyond it.

While the scope was a little narrower, the utility of an SEO company was without question present for a majority of their existence, allowing smaller businesses to garner a more showcased presence in the face of more industrious competitors. It allowed local businesses to thrive and become more solidified and foundational in their communities and allowed for a rehashing of how we perceived the quality of content as a whole.

Of course, as time has gone on and the sheer number of tools available to use has increased exponentially, the complex role of an SEO company of yesteryear has had to change and adapt to changing circumstances. The marketable skillsets that are on display in these companies have allowed them to become a new player in the overall marketing world. A Swiss army knife of sorts for the modern digital realm.

How do you ask?

Let’s explore.

The Marketable Skillsets

Some trained skills are inherently built into the foundations of an SEO company, these skills are translatable and required throughout any given business venture.

For example, keyword research is more than simply creating a map and trying to maximize clicks, for any SEO company worth their salt, there must be a sense of understanding and business acumen. This involves understanding clients from the inside out, as well as knowing what their client base will be searching for, understanding their motivations, and utilizing skills that few marketing agencies have practical experience with.

Perspective Shifts For The Better

While there are some hip and happening marketing firms that are making an impact at the moment, more often than not these places are staffed by fresh-out-of-school researchers and writers, many of whom have not dealt with the concept of changing voice and perception on a dime as the SEO company of yesteryear provided.

The experience and classically trained minds of an SEO company allow for a more holistic and understanding experience, bringing a weighted perspective on overlooked facets. For instance, algorithms and metrics of successful advertising campaigns are still utilized and adaptable for modern media production.

This experience also lends itself to the Swiss army rhetoric of being adept in most forms of media creation with focus and voice firmly implanted in the content itself – and done naturally. With the already established skillsets, we’ve discussed at their disposal, combined with the increasingly nuanced and precision-based experiences that can be offered with a modern SEO company.


While the humble SEO company has had its moment in the sun, these institutions are adapting to the modern requirements of clients and utilizing their skillsets in the realm of critical and analytical thinking to ensure their place as viable marketing firms all on their own.

The technical requirements for any given SEO company are still present and in demand, while other marketing firms have to hire out on occasion for technical issues relating to web development and technicalities. The masters of search engine optimization have the experience to solve more issues across the digital spectrum – this, combined with the already existing critical marketing theory they have had to be adept at with their previous roles gives these institutions an edge and adaptability like no other.