Enjoy a Memorable Date: 6 Dating Tips You Need to Remember

Enjoy a Memorable Date: 6 Dating Tips You Need to Remembe

Too many butterflies on your stomach can either overdo or play down your much-awaited date with the person you like. You might not show it or even admit it, but there is a part of you that is jittery about how your first date should go and the things that you should or should not do. Well, my friend, that is a normal feeling, especially if you truly want to have things run smoothly. Do not let your nerves get in the way of showing the real you! If you want to have an idea about how to have your first date run smoothly, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to give you a few tips for impressing your date!

1. Dress properly

Dressing properly and comfortably will help you become more confident about showing the best side of you. When going on a date, avoid wearing outfits that are too restrictive or too high maintenance. This will vary, of course, on the type of date you will go to. It would not hurt to also wear accessories that will make you look glamorous even if you are just wearing simple and comfortable yet presentable clothes. If you own quality watches, this is the right time to strap them on. Watches like Rolex, Omega, Seiko, or Hublot are great brands to invest in.

2. Go have some fun

We know that the usual setup for a first date is to just chill out, have some coffee or go out for a movie. With first dates, we want to converse with our dates and get to know each other. However, we also cannot deny that some dates can be awkward because you have fewer things to talk about.

A good alternative is planning out an activity that both of you can share and enjoy. This is the best choice if you want to veer away from awkward conversations and small talks. You can both enjoy and still talk and get to know each other. You do not need to worry if you have nothing to talk about because you are doing something enjoyable. You can go out hiking, camping, ice skating, or any interest that you share.

3. Avoid making things all about you

Sure, we want to impress our dates and have them like us. As a result, we may be talking more about ourselves and our achievements which is a big no-no. Your date will only see you as an arrogant and conceited prick if you make it all about you. Make sure that your conversations will be 2-way. Ask your date about their interests, hobbies, and other things that make them happy, too. The best attitude that your date will appreciate is how you genuinely listen to them.

4. Do not be too touchy

If you think that touching them too much makes them feel secure and appreciated, that is when you are ultimately wrong. Being too touchy towards them will make your date feel uncomfortable. During first dates, it is necessary to respect their personal space and ask for consent. You can be warm and friendly by offering your arm or putting your hand on their back to assist them. The rule of thumb is to ask for their consent even when you will only touch them.

5. Talk about deep things, too

Small talks can be good conversation starters. However, we also know how tiring it can be if all you talk about are superficial things. You can also talk about big things like politics, religion, or anything that you think is closer to yours or your date’s heart. You can get philosophical, too, if they are up for it. Be careful and sensitive about your date, because they might think you are overdoing those deep talks! This is why small talks are also still important to get a feel about what interests your date.

6. Let your date decide

Since you asked for the date, it can just be right for you to pay for everything and treat your date. However, if they offer to split the bill, let them play as well. You can reassure them that you are fine with paying the entire bill. If they choose to split the bill, respect their decisions and their boundaries. This can also be a gesture that means you respect them and their agency to decide and care for themselves.

Be your best self

Appearance is indeed just a bonus. What matters is what is on the inside. However, what we may not be admitting is that your appearance and the first impression will still have a relevant impact, especially when you are still on the stage of getting to know each other. You do not need to be conventionally attractive and dreamy—the key here is to be confident!