Apps to Help Your Kids Improve Their Memory

Apps to Help Your Kids Improve Their Memory

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs for both mother and father if you are not prepared for it. It requires you to be patient and accommodating at the same time and make sure that you do not make a wrong move. It is so critical that it can make or break your child’s foundations and character for life. For parents it is a matter of precision and technicality to handle your child’s behavior and their tantrums and make sure that he or she does not indulge in any kind of bad habits. It is just like writing on a clean slate and so you have to be very calm and patient while handling your child.

As adults you need some guidance and some schooling when handling children especially if your child has trouble learning new things in life, at home and at school. You need to pay attention and keep them focused while you are doing homework. This can be done in a very fun and entertaining way. In the current digital age, learning is made more fun by the use of different apps and games that help kids, learn different skills, retain memory and maintain focus while completing their homework. All you need is a reliable internet connection and the understanding of your kid’s needs and you can make things easy for both of you. One of the best internet services is provided by Spectrum internet. You can get Spectrum for your home by connecting to a spectrum customer service representative and placing an order for the service. You will be able to help your kid to learn and retain memory using the following apps: 


The app is fun to use and helps boost your kid’s brain activity management at the same time. There are more than 2500 different puzzles that you can select for your kid to play around and get them rewards and provides you with progress tracking to gauge your kid’s performance. LogicLike is an excellent way to develop logical and problem solving skills and gets you and your kid a fun way to learn. The puzzles in the game are structured by in-house specialists who use different ways and logical methods to improve your kid’s learning. You can set the level of difficulty for your kid and use a voice over guiding system if you think your kid is having problems with reading and understanding words and instructions. The app has a unique way of helping your kids learn as learning should always be a process that should be less annoying and less tiring. The courses in the app work very systematically and will allow you to see your kid’s progress and will help them train more and do better

App Store Rating: 4.8 


The app is one of the best ways to develop your child’s cognitive skills and uses brain teaser games to enhance their intelligence. The app provides them with a fun and scientific way to learn and has more than 100 brain exercises that can help your child and improve their attention, create strong focus and concentration, build up visual and linguistic skills  and improve your child’s learning ability and memory retention. The app is a trusted and age- appropriate system that can work well with any lesson plan and comprises of logic puzzles, brain training exercises, logic problems, math games and so much more.

App Store Rating: 4.7

Lumosity: Brain Training

The app is amazing to keep your kid’s mind sharp and has more than 40 games and puzzles that can help you test and train your memory retention, improve your math skills, work on improving your logic and give your mind a workout. The app’s cognitive training program is quite fun and has an interactive way to train your brain and learn a little about mind works. There are more than 100 million people throughout the world and it consists of games based on scientific methods that can help you exercise your memory, make your attention more clear, speed and flexible and become problem-solving. You can find the app in Spanish, English, Japanese, French, Korean and many other languages.

App Store Rating: 4.7


The app is very effective and a fun way to maintain your memory and exercise your brain. Using the app, you can improve your memory, get accurate in their approach and speed up with your learning process. Also, the app is a fun and logical way to test your brain and help your kids sharpen their minds and have fun while playing the game and enhance your reflexes. You can help your kids become better students at school at the same time.

App Store Rating: 4.6

In the end, one can say that learning for kids is better when you have to get them through a learning process that is entertaining and requires the involvement of both the kids and parents as well. You can use any of these apps to make sure that your kids become better at school and learn a lot of new skills and retain them at the same time.