A Guide to the Different Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

A Guide to the Different Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most populated areas in the USA, with gorgeous year-round weather, endless entertainment, and food that would make anyone happy.  If you’ve never visited, and you’re not sure what the area would have to offer you if you moved here, you’re not alone!  

This is an incredibly diverse area, and every section has a unique identity that makes it more than just a simple neighborhood.  These are the most important areas to know.


The most famous area in Los Angeles, Hollywood, is internationally known as the home of stars and where movies get created. 

In Hollywood, you could rub elbows with a star, see your favorite celebrity, or get noticed by a casting director all in one afternoon.  Unfortunately, this is the most expensive place to find Los Angeles homes for sale, so although it’s fun to visit, it’s not the best place to live.

Downtown LA

Downtown LA is home to dozens of small communities woven together to create a bustling portion of the city.  Within downtown, you can find Chinatown, Little Tokyo, the Arts District, and endless bars, clubs, museums, and restaurants to keep you entertained and fed. 

There’s nothing quite like Downtown LA, but if you visit, it’s a good idea to budget carefully so that you can do everything you want to while you’re here.


This artsy portion of the city is on the western edge of LA.  Founded in 1905, Venice is an older and historical area of the town and is home to the internationally famous boardwalk that people reference and movies show when talking about LA. 

Forty thousand people call this beachside area home, and it’s incredibly expensive to live in. However, access to the beach and the cleaner streets and air here make it a high-value place to live.

Skid Row

This area is officially called Central City East, but it’s more commonly called Skid Row.  Once known as a dangerous part of town, it’s now simply an area where few can afford much, and many are homeless.  Due to gentrification, what affordable housing used to be here has been converted into highly expensive townhouses and condos.

As a result, many who have lived here for years with their families are either forced to other portions of the city or made homeless.  This isn’t a great place to live and is heavily discussed because it treats people in need.


This awesome pocket in Los Angeles is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in LA.  Only taking up three miles, it’s full to the brim of bars, restaurants, clubs, grills, and karaoke. 

This area has a long history within the city and has been through a lot to prove itself worthy.  Not only does Koreatown have the best food in the city, but it’s also got the most interesting history, which you can learn by stopping in one of the many museums that are open to the public.

Los Angeles is an expensive and highly polarizing city that millions call home. But, if you think you can handle the pressure, it can be an awesome place to live.