A Guide: Buying Omega Seamaster as Investment Watch

A Guide: Buying Omega Seamaster as Investment Watch

The Omega Seamaster is one of the most notable collections of Omega, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. All of its models, including those with chronograph, planet ocean, or quartz have high workmanship and reliability. But can this collection retain its value after several years? Can you sell it at a higher price than its original retail value? It can only happen if the collection has a rich heritage and long years of being in the market. If you know the history of Omega Seamaster, you already know the answer. But if you are not yet aware of it, then keep on reading!

The launch of the Omega Seamaster in 1948

The company launched the first-ever Seamaster in 1948 that eventually became the masterpiece for its time due to its resistance to water of up to 60 meters. To add to this, it was a unique dress watch composed of a leather strap and dauphine hands. The new models today don’t have this kind of appearance anymore. After 9 years, Omega introduced another Seamaster with a diving bezel and an improved water resistance to become suitable for use by professional and amateur divers. It can withstand water with a depth of 300 meters. Later on, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof became available having a diving depth of 600 meters. In 1993, the company launched the Seamster Diver Professional with a wave blade and typical skeleton hands. It changed the appearance of the Seamaster and it is what you all know of today.  

Prices of the Omega Seamaster

The prices of the Omega Seamaster increased between 2016 and 2018. In some jewelry stores, the price of the collection used to be $2000 in 2016 but now it rose to $3 300. In just two years, it increased by approximately 15%. Despite this, it is still relatively cheaper than its competitors making it a must-have among watch collectors.

Omega Seamaster as an investment watch

Some watches are great investments as they increase in value over time. One of these watches is the Omega Seamaster. It has the ability to retain or increase its price when you try to sell it in the secondary market. Since the company offers limited-edition models, a lot of watch collectors are willing to pay for it even at a premium price. It is reassuring to know that the money you invest in an expensive luxury watch has the possibility that you can earn it back while earning a return on investment. 

Aside from the value, Omega Seamaster is an investment watch because it is timeless and durable. It guarantees you that it can last for several generations to come. Its elegant and sporty look makes it the best companion for formal and informal events. 

The best Omega Seamaster models to invest in today

  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean chronograph

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph has a case diameter of 45.5 mm with a matte light gray dial and orange accents. It also features a gray and orange rubber strap to match its overall appearance. The company used titanium materials in manufacturing the model. It is different from the older models as it has better water resistance, chunkier cases, and more rugged aesthetics. 

Most of the models with a chronograph complication can’t function underwater. But this Planet’s Ocean has the same complication but you can operate it at depth. In addition to this, it features a helium escape valve at the 10 o’clock location to ensure that water can’t damage it.

  • Omega Seamaster 300

The Omega Seamaster 300 has a case diameter of 41 mm which is quite smaller than the Planet Ocean. The company based its features on the Seamaster released in 1957. As a result, it has a flat case profile with long lugs and a blue dial made in titanium materials. Its font style and beige-colored lume on the hands and indices give the watch vintage aesthetics. It has an automatic caliber Co-Axial chronometer movement to ensure that it can deliver the accuracy and reliability that you are looking for in a watch.

  • America’s cup edition of Omega Seamaster Diver Chronograph

This Omega Seamaster Diver Chronograph has a 60-minute timing bezel with an aluminum insert, glossy black dial, and a case diameter of 41.5 mm. It has a more compact chronograph complication compared with the Planet Ocean. To add to this, it is also cheaper than the said model. making it an absolute steal. At an affordable price point, you will already be getting an automatic luxury watch with 300 m water resistance. 

In a Nutshell

Omega Seamaster collection offers a diverse range of watches that you can choose from. You can find in its catalog an elegant sports timepiece, dress watch, and even vintage-inspired models. If you already have one Omega Seamaster watch in mind, you can purchase it from The Watch Company to ensure the authenticity of the product!


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