5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Word Files to PDF

5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Word Files to PDF
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Converting Word documents into PDF files is as easy as one to three. There are various online platforms that offer free Word to PDF conversion. While some apps only provide a free trial, some applications offer free PDF conversion. Keep on reading to know more about how to convert your Word file to PDF file format.

How to Convert Word Document Using Online Platform


This application also offers a free trial to convert Word to PDF online. When using the application for free, you can only convert two files a day. There is no limit per day on the files you want to convert by getting a Pro Plan. In addition, you can access their customer support service if you need help while converting your documents.

Follow these simple steps to try converting your documents into a PDF format:

  1.     Click “Choose File”
  2.     Wait for a second until it converts the documents you choose into PDF files.
  3.     Once the file is converted, you can see the preview of the documents.
  4.     You can choose to edit or change the file by selecting the command you want to do on the right side.
  5.     Once done, click the “Download” button to save your file.



Ilovepdf.com is a one-stop tool to work with your PDF file. You can merge, compress, split and even convert PDF files to whatever file you want. You can convert it to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPEG, and even HTML. You can also convert from these formats to PDF format.


You will surely love this tool from the name itself because it has a lot to offer, and it is absolutely free. Follow the steps below and enjoy converting your files.

  1.     Click the “Select WORD files” button. Once done, it will automatically go to your documents saved on your computer.
  2.     Click the filename of the Word document you wish to convert.
  3.     Then click the “Convert to PDF” icon. Wait for a second for the app to convert the file.
  4.     Once done, a “Download PDF” button will appear. Click this button to save your Word document into a PDF file.


This website offers a fourteen-day free trial to convert your Word document into PDF file format. After fourteen days, you will be asked to subscribe to a Nitro Pro to do more with your PDF. Follow these steps if you want to convert your document into PDF format for free.

  1.     Click the “Select your file” button to choose from your saved documents the file you wish to convert.
  2.     You will be asked to key in your e-mail address where you want your converted file to be sent.
  3.     Click the “Convert Now” button to convert your chosen file.
  4.     After converting the file, a notification will appear.
  5.     You can now check your inbox to access your converted file.


Sodapdf.com is a powerful tool to convert and edit your file. It is easy to use, and you just need to follow a few clicks to get things done. You can also start a free trial to enjoy the benefits of PDF conversion and editing. You can choose from Standard, Pro, and Business Plan to enjoy the tools you want.

But don’t worry. You can enjoy free access to basic features if you download the app. Remember, free access has limitations, too. If you wish to convert Word to a PDF file, follow these steps.


  1.     On the sodapdf.com home page, click on the “Online Tools.”
  2.     Select the “Word to PDF.”
  3.     Click on the “Choose File” icon.
  4.     This will automatically go to your files saved on your computer.
  5.     Wait until the file you have chosen is 100% downloaded.
  6.     Wait for a few seconds until your file is converted.
  7.     A successful conversion will prompt that “Your file is ready!”
  8.     If you want to see your converted documents, click on “Preview File.”
  9.     If you want to save the file, click “Download File,” and it will store your file in your computer’s drive.

Why convert your Word Document to PDF?

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used applications in the office or at school. Still, many users convert Word documents to PDF (Portable Document Format). We usually do it when sending proposals, billings, or invoices since PDF files are difficult to edit.

Here are five additional reasons to convert your Word documents into PDF.

Word document format changes

One reason people convert Word into a PDF is the ability of Word documents to keep on reformatting upon opening on a different computer. If you use other computers, it will completely waste the effort you put into formatting your Word document. You need to export the document as a PDF to preserve its formatting.

Reference or page numbers may not match

If you are creating a book or a thesis paper, include your reference and a table of contents. Your table of contents will probably be disordered if you open the document on another computer. It changed these numbers because page numbers can frequently occur in long documents. This can be a challenge for e-book and research document authors, so they go with PDFs.

Microsoft Word documents have several versions

The problem with Microsoft Word is, you cannot use the previous version with the newer version. If you open the file, the format changes. For example, in prior versions of Word, text displays with outside spaces. However, PDF files can be accessed regardless of version, allowing all users to enjoy them equally.

There are many Word processors

There are many Word processors on the web; some of your contacts may not have the MS Word software installed. Many more programs use the .pdf extension of the widely available Adobe PDF Reader. If you want to reach a large audience, go with the PDF format.

PDF Files are easily browsable on a variety of mobile devices

Since most people in the workforce now use smartphones and tablets, go with the flow. Convert Word to PDF so that you can use their programs more efficiently. A different aspect is that Word files need more expensive apps that don’t have many features from Microsoft.


Now that you know the importance of converting your Word document into a PDF file, it is time to try the different online platforms listed above. You can also try some additional apps that are available on the web.